Thursday, October 9, 2008

After the big slice...

So this catching up is crap!!! But I am determined to conquer, but I'll be brief...In August we went to St George to pack our crap and move it!!! Grandpa Dave and Grandma Korrie met us there to help. My parents sent a semi down with my brother and his wife and we packed it up and moved it out! Here is a picture of Teagan with Grandpa Dave, this is where she gets her baby blues.
Teagan turned two on the 26th and we had a party. September we moved in to our house. And that should catch us up!!

Teagan's Surgery and more

So to continue where I left off...Teagan had surgery on July 23rd. She looked like someone hit her in the face with a bat. This picture is of Teagan before surgery, I loved the baby slippers they were cute and the PJ's, but it was weird to help her get in her hospital garb. The next picture is of us waiting.

Because there are so many more pictures I'm going to explain them now and then I'll show the pictures in order. When Teagan woke up she had a drain in her head and a drain in her thigh. The nerve that moves the lower right side of her mouth was very weak so she couldn't move the right side of her mouth. She had a larger incision behind her right ear. Her face was very swollen. We spent alot of time out on the patio picking flowers and playing. We also went to the play room alot.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A glance at the past 4 months

We have been out of commission for the past 4 months but we are now up and running!!! Teagan has really enjoyed living by so many of her cousins. She loves to go to aunt Codie's house because of all the animals, baby bunnies, ducks, a pot bellied pig, a mini goat, and Chady the dog. In June we spent all June visiting our friends.
In July we spent the 4th at the upper still water dam, it was beautiful!!! Teagan loved hiking around, that night we watched fireworks with Uncle Justin and Aunt Becca and their kids.

The 23rd of July Teagan under went a five hour surgery to remove the nercrotic lymphnodes caused by her MAC. It was the scariest thing we have ever been through!!! They made an incision from her hair line to the front of her ear and streched it to remove the nodes under her right jaw area. They made another incision about four inches on her upper right thigh to remove the nodes there, she stayed two nights in the hospital, at primary childrens. We left the hopital with a drain in her thigh and later went back to get it
out. I don't have the pictures from her surgey so they will have to wait until next time. This is all for now I'll continue with the first of August next time!!!!