Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring Fever!

So Teagan, Dax and I are stir crazy. We are in desperate need of summer weather. The warm sunshine, pools, and walks to the park! But we decided to settle for summer clothes. Our first project is to sew summer clothes for the kids! So today I made a skirt and hair bow! It took three hours with my 18 month old awake for half of it so I think it went well. The skirt is fully lined so she can wear it without leggings under it. It turned out pretty cute, or maybe Teagan made it pretty cute!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding a Project...

I have been sitting around all winter wishing spring was here. Feeling blue and maybe a little sorry for myself. Then yesterday I had this wonderful idea, I'll become crafty!!! Hooray! Great Idea! So let me explain, I do things, I do things like texture walls, paint, replace molding, these are fun things, and they are good things. But these things are hard to do in my small house in the winter. So I had this great idea to do things in the house like finally make that strawberry jam, sew summer clothes for my babies, or paint my picture frames different colors. Then I thought what if I transform my family blog that I never use into a journal blog for my projects, brilliant!!! I know, right? So there you go, and here we are. Next I'll be finding a suitable project, wish me luck!