Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas time!!!!

We've been so excited for Christmas this year. Teagan loves Santa and gets really excited to see Christmas lights. She was given a really cute look and find Christmas book by her grandma Suzanne. We spend a lot of time playing with the nativity set and she loves the little baby Jesus...

Teagan's learned to wink!!!! It is so adorable!!! She also pulls funny faces, it's so fun to watch her personality develop. We bought her a calendar count down for Christmas she is so excited to get her little chocolate everyday.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Boy Ford

Surprise.... I'm 20 weeks pregnant and it's a boy!!! We are really excited, I would have posted a picture but I don't look pregnant yet. We are having a really hard time thinking of names so if anyone out there has any good ideas that they don't mind sharing it would be appreciated!!! My cute friend Marci and I were looking online for names and we thought Harrison was cute, then we realized he would be Harrison Ford, HA HA HA... so that's a no go!!! Anyways Happy Holidays!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

After the big slice...

So this catching up is crap!!! But I am determined to conquer, but I'll be brief...In August we went to St George to pack our crap and move it!!! Grandpa Dave and Grandma Korrie met us there to help. My parents sent a semi down with my brother and his wife and we packed it up and moved it out! Here is a picture of Teagan with Grandpa Dave, this is where she gets her baby blues.
Teagan turned two on the 26th and we had a party. September we moved in to our house. And that should catch us up!!

Teagan's Surgery and more

So to continue where I left off...Teagan had surgery on July 23rd. She looked like someone hit her in the face with a bat. This picture is of Teagan before surgery, I loved the baby slippers they were cute and the PJ's, but it was weird to help her get in her hospital garb. The next picture is of us waiting.

Because there are so many more pictures I'm going to explain them now and then I'll show the pictures in order. When Teagan woke up she had a drain in her head and a drain in her thigh. The nerve that moves the lower right side of her mouth was very weak so she couldn't move the right side of her mouth. She had a larger incision behind her right ear. Her face was very swollen. We spent alot of time out on the patio picking flowers and playing. We also went to the play room alot.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A glance at the past 4 months

We have been out of commission for the past 4 months but we are now up and running!!! Teagan has really enjoyed living by so many of her cousins. She loves to go to aunt Codie's house because of all the animals, baby bunnies, ducks, a pot bellied pig, a mini goat, and Chady the dog. In June we spent all June visiting our friends.
In July we spent the 4th at the upper still water dam, it was beautiful!!! Teagan loved hiking around, that night we watched fireworks with Uncle Justin and Aunt Becca and their kids.

The 23rd of July Teagan under went a five hour surgery to remove the nercrotic lymphnodes caused by her MAC. It was the scariest thing we have ever been through!!! They made an incision from her hair line to the front of her ear and streched it to remove the nodes under her right jaw area. They made another incision about four inches on her upper right thigh to remove the nodes there, she stayed two nights in the hospital, at primary childrens. We left the hopital with a drain in her thigh and later went back to get it
out. I don't have the pictures from her surgey so they will have to wait until next time. This is all for now I'll continue with the first of August next time!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ford Family Current Events

This is Adam Ford's first post on the family blog. It has been a very eventful few months. We have moved back to duchesne as many of you know, and I have started my new job as a personal banker at Wells Fargo in Roosevelt. We have been striving to sell our home in Saint George, but we haven't has any offers yet. I expect that it will sell soon due to it's low price. In any event, we are going to move into a cute little home here on July 10th. We really got lucky and found a great little home with a great backyard, which is the most important factor to me. MaryJo thinks the home has a lot of great possibilities and is excited about having a nice garden now that we have the room. Teagan is still fighting her infection, and seems to be very cheerful despite the constant annoyance of changing the bandage on her leg everyday. We have recently heard back from her doctor at Primary Children's and expect to have an appointment sometime during the next couple of weeks. We are looking forward to getting into our new ward here and becoming involved. We have been living with Larry and Julie over the past month and it has been a real blessing. We have been able to save some money and Larry gave MaryJo a great part-time job moving wheel lines. MaryJo has been moving wheel lines since she was 10 years old on her own. She has been teaching me the intricacies of moving wheel lines. All in all I would have to say that it is definnetly not as easy as it looks. I am grateful that she is so willing to help us save some money, and make it possible for us to pay both are house payment and rent coming up here in July. Well I would bore you if I got much more detailed than that. I hope all of our friends and family are doing and that they are being abundantly blessed during these economically turbulent times. Bye for now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Primary Children's

The first part of May I noticed a swollen lymph node on the right side of Teagan's neck. At first I thought that she was probably catching a cold, so I waited and watched, the very next day I notice another swollen lymph node. At this point I knew that it was related to the wound in her leg. We saw her Primary care doctor who referred us to an Infectious Disease Doctor at Primary children's. In the mean time Teagan saw the wound clinic again, and we found out that her wound isn't healing, it is a fistula.

We Took Teagan to Primary Children's Hospital to see an infectious disease doctor. She was diagnosed with Mycobacterium Avium Complex. She is now on three different antibiotics, the lumps in her neck will need to be removed in surgery. Other than that she is cheerful and energetic!

P.S. we are moving....again! Adam got a job offer in Roosevelt as a personal banker, so we are moving back to the farm!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Teagan's Wound

This is Teagan's wound. It's healing well. Sorry that the picture sucks!

Paper Route

On the days I work Teagan does the paper route with her daddy. They have to get up very early so they are both pretty tired. I came downstairs after my nap one sunday and they were both a sleep on the couch. It was so cute that I had to snap a picture!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nothing Yet...

We're still waiting to hear about the test results for Teagan's infection. Nothing is growing in the dish so far that looks positive for TB, so that's WONDERFUL!!!! And the incision is healing really well, it is a little green so I have to do a dakins rinse, which is really just bleach water, but it doesn't sting and she doesn't mind it. So hopefully in another week this will all be behind us!

Everything else is the same as usual. We haven't even celebrated our 3year anniversary, we've been so busy with everything else! But as of the 25th of March, we've been married 3 years! Yeah us!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


So Teagan's doctor called yesterday to tell me that Teagan's culture from her sore came back and it has some kind of bacteria in it that is the same as the bacteria in tuberculosis. So they are sending it to have more cultures to see if it indeed is Tuberculosis. If it is we will be going to an infectious disease doctor...we wont know for two weeks. Everybody pray for her please.

On a more cheerful note, Adam passed his Air Traffic Control SAT test with 82%!!!! Yeah Adam!!! Just think what he would have gotten if he had studied! Now he will have an interview at the end of the month to see if he is going to Oklahoma City to start training for ATC! I'm so proud of him! We also had our 3rd anniversary, but with everything going on we haven't celebrated it yet.

Adam and I joined gold's gym. I want to take spin classes and Adam wants to lift weights again so we are starting to workout, wish us luck...we're gonna need it!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Teagan pictures

These are more pictures of Teagan's hospital stay.

Teagan goes under the knife!

March 19th Teagan woke up from her nap with a fever, I changed her diaper and noticed a golf ball sized lump on her right groin area. I felt it and noticed that it caused her pain so we went to the instacare and they thought it was probably a bug bite that got infected. She took an antibiotic and we waited. Easter rolled around and she was still puffy and in pain so we went back to the instacare and they ran labs. The labs came back showing that her body was putting up a good defense to the infection. April 2 I made an appointment with her Doctor, because the lump was still there. He felt it and decided that we should call a surgeon. Blah, blah, blah, Teagan went to see a wonderful surgeon who saw her that very same day, he decided it was an infected lymph node and that she needed to have it drained. She went to surgery the next morning. I was nervous because Adam couldn't be there with us, he had to fly to California. But we had our good friend Kathy, Grandma Korrie, Aunt Alison, and Haiden to help us through! We arrived at 6:30 in the morning and she was put out and intubated. She did really well in surgery, but because the incision was so close to the femoral artery we had to stay the night in the hospital. Which meant the she had to ride in the ambulance to the 400E campus where the pediatric unit is. Now she has a 1 inch by 1.5 cm incision in her right groin area that they left open so the infection could drain and be treated. So Adam and I have to hold her down and change the bandage everyday. Right now we are packing the wound with mesalt, a salt impregnated gauze to draw out the infection. That about sums up our last 3 weeks. I'll post about Easter next time.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More of the same...

There's not much to report on our family. Adam just started working at Wellsfargo bank two weeks ago. He also started a paper route. The joke around the hospital is that I'm sleeping with the paper boy Ha Ha Ha!!! Scandelous!!! Teagan has decided that the only thing worth eating is chocolate chip cookies. She goes to the pantry and says "cookie, cookie." She refuses to eat anything healthy. She has also started putting herself in timeout. It's kind of funny, but makes it less of a punishment if I put her in timeout. I rearranged our house, hung more pictures and fixed the bookcase. Nothing else really.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cohen's Birthday!!!

Teagan's very good bestfriend, Cohen turned two. It was Teagan's first offical Birthday party, that wasn't just family. She had so much fun! The party was at Cohen's grandma Marci's house.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


What is his name? Adam David Ford

How long have we been married? 3 years March 25th

How long did we date? August-November, engaged November 11

How old is he? 27 in April

Who eats more? He does. He once ordered a 10 piece chicken nugget, a fish sandwich, and a double cheese burger from McDonald's and ate it all! Sick!!!

Who said I love you first? Adam did.
Who is taller? Adam is two inches taller than me. But when we were dating I thought I was taller than him. I guess I feel tall even though I'm not!

Who sings better? Adam does. I'm not that great but we like to make up stupid songs about things we do, (like making sandwiches). Adam likes to sing with his country accent and it drives me crazy!

Who is smarter? Adam is smart with computers, English, and spelling. I'm smart with history, science, math, and stupid facts

Who's temper is worse? Mine. Adam is way laid back.

Who pays the bills? Mostly me. Adam pays the cell phone bill

Who does the laundry? Both of us. Mostly Adam lately.

Who cooks dinner? Mostly I do. Sometimes Adam does.

Who drives when together? Adam and it is scary!

Who is more stubborn? Me

Whose parents do you see the most? Adam sees his mother a lot, but we don't see the rest of our family very often.

Who has more friends? The same, we have married friends so it's pretty much even numbers

Who has more siblings? Me=7, Adam=3

Who wears the pants in the family? Adam lets me think that I do...but we make all our decisions together.

Who eats more sweets? Adam lately. I had to quit eating treats...they were a crutch

Who mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn.

Who kissed who first? I kissed Adam on the cheek, before we actually kissed but he kissed me first.

Who proposed? Adam asked me to marry him in Zions canyon, we had gone for a hike. It was really cold and it had been raining. Adam found a pretty place and knelt down on both knees, I was sitting on a rock, he pulled out the ring box and asked me to marry him. I said yes and we sat there for a minute not sure what came next...then I asked to see the ring!!! Right after I answered it started to hail!

What is my favorite thing about him? There are a lot of amazing things about Adam. My most favorite is his testimony. Adam has a testimony that is solid rock, it never wavers. He loves the gospel. I have never seen someone enjoy reading the scriptures like he does. My second favorite thing is how kind he is. Adam is full of love. He is my best friend and I love him!

Now I tag: Jody Martin, Becca Farley, Maren Richards

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ice Cream Anyone?

So a while ago my friend Maren posted this test on her blog...I finally took it and surprise I'm Chocolate! A totally irresistable flirt! Take the quiz by clicking on the tag, it's fun!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Someday, Adam will find the pictures of Christmas at my mom's and then all my family that blogs (that's you Becca!) Will be able to see how cute the pictures of our kids are! Adam saved the Christmas pictures to the computer in a safe place that I can't find them. I will post them before the end of January!

So not much is new with us. I'm working the night shift at the hospital and Adam is working the Insurance world. We're just trying to keep up. Teagan is getting ready to be potty trained (she doesn't know it yet) but we've bought everything we can think of that might help. I'm doing the biggest loser at work, so hopefully I lose! That pretty much sums up our life right now.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Teagan is growing up!

Teagan is getting so big. She has started talking, she doesn't pronounce the words but she makes the same sounds. It's like she is humming words, she also has started to sign a lot. She signs milk, more, eat, drink, help, hurt, baby, and poop!!!! We are so excited!!! She also loves to be read to or just to look at books. In particular she likes books with animals. She is so smart and is growing up so fast. It makes me sad to look back at her baby pictures. The first pictures are her one year old pictures.