Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas time!!!!

We've been so excited for Christmas this year. Teagan loves Santa and gets really excited to see Christmas lights. She was given a really cute look and find Christmas book by her grandma Suzanne. We spend a lot of time playing with the nativity set and she loves the little baby Jesus...

Teagan's learned to wink!!!! It is so adorable!!! She also pulls funny faces, it's so fun to watch her personality develop. We bought her a calendar count down for Christmas she is so excited to get her little chocolate everyday.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Boy Ford

Surprise.... I'm 20 weeks pregnant and it's a boy!!! We are really excited, I would have posted a picture but I don't look pregnant yet. We are having a really hard time thinking of names so if anyone out there has any good ideas that they don't mind sharing it would be appreciated!!! My cute friend Marci and I were looking online for names and we thought Harrison was cute, then we realized he would be Harrison Ford, HA HA HA... so that's a no go!!! Anyways Happy Holidays!!!!