Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome Home

We have been living in our town home for almost a month. It has been so nice to be in our home again. We have been painting walls and sanding down cabinets. We cleaned the carpets and everything else, too. I put a screw in the door to hang my first ever wreath on. A very homey, fall wreath, not to flowery or to bare. After much searching, I found this at TJ Max for 24 bucks. A pretty good deal, right? We still haven't been able to go get our things out of storage in Duchesne. We are sleeping on an air mattress and Teagan is sleeping in her pack and play. We have two chairs and a card table. If we want to sit in the living room we sit on the floor. Now considering all of this, I still am grateful to be in our home!!! It is so wonderful to have our own place with our own things, even if there isn't a large number of them!!! A big thanks to our family, who let us crash at your homes while we were waiting for our renter to move out! We love you bunches!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Brock was watching them!

At Sadie's reception I was helping in the kitchen. Adam was supposed to be watching Teagan, but he kept showing up in the kitchen. I asked Adam why he wasn't watching Teagan and he said "Brock is watching her." (Brock is my five year old nephew, totally wild!) Don't worry he watched Teagan and Hadley really good!! He made sure they both had plenty of treats and a nice place to sit.

Finally Fall

We spent Saturday in Duchesne visiting Grandma Juli and Grandpa Larry. Sadie got married so we went to the reception. On Sunday, we played in the leaves with Teagan. She liked the leaves, but she loved my mom's dog. Rowdy would come up to her and lick her hands and she would squeal and laugh. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, I just love it!! I love the smell of mom's chili sauce, the cool air, and the red and yellow leaves. I love pumpkins, hot cocoa, the crisp apples, and the feeling that the holidays are right around the corner. I love Fall!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Teagan Turns One!!!

When our summer in Wisconsin ended we moved back to St. George. We arrived in St. George on Teagans first birthday. Grandma Suzanne Ford had a birthday party at her home. We invited Great Grandma and Grandpa Moutrey. She opened her presents, we sang happy birthday, and then she had cake (for the first time in her life!!!) And she loved it!!!
She fed herself and probably got more cake on her face then she got in her belly.
She licked her plate clean!!! She gets that from her dad. After she finished she wanted more, she was signing and pointing, but we opted for a shower and some milk, in hopes of intercepting a bad belly.

Now that Teagan is one she has started doing chores...Adam was tending her and he walked into the kitchen and she was swiffering the floor. And yes, he did put those curlers in her hair!!! He is such a good daddy. He needed a little help after he got the hair curled but she looked great.