Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Catching Up!!

Well we have officially moved in. I did most of the unpacking because Adam was in Las Vegas at a New York Life training. Corrie came up and helped one night, (thanks so much!) and of course Teagan was tons of help! But we finally finished, and now everything seems to be cluttered. After living in an empty house and now having stuff it seems messy all the time. We bought a couch and a chair. We finished painting the downstairs, and now I'm working on decorating, and I'm not very good at it...
It's been crazy trying to unpack during the holidays, some of the first things to be unpacked were the Christmas decorations. I probably have my priorities mixed up but we couldn't celebrate properly without the nativity, Rudolph, and the tree. This year we decided to make ginger bread boys to decorate the tree, it was a lot of fun! And relatively harmless if swallowed!

Friday, December 7, 2007

6 random things about me!!!

So It's been a really long time since I updated, sorry!! I was tagged by Kourtney a while back and it has taken me this long to think up six random thing about me (pretty sad, I know)! So here goes:
1- I wasn't allowed to wear shorts when I was young. As a result I don't really like them now, turns out I don't have that great of legs so no big loss!!!
2- I'm a total germ-aphobic!!! Ever since I was a CNA I am a real freak about possibly getting a germ. I eat candy out of wrappers, I don't wear my hospital shoes in the house, I bleach my kitchen often, like anytime we eat chicken or pork.
3- I grew up in the country, on a one cow farm that I milked by hand!!! I swam in the wash next to my house, and suntanned on my roof!
4- I used to have a crush on Keifer Sutherland, hahaha. I saw Lost Boys when I was very small and instead of having nightmares about vampires, I developed this crush on Keifer Sutherland and started wondering if I myself was a vampire (check out my canines, they really look like fangs) Thank goodness I grew out of this!!!
5- I'm scared of the dark. I think it comes from having a good imagination, that runs away with me a lot, and an older brother who used to sneak into my room at night to scare me. And I used to think I like scary movies, I have no idea why. I would watch one and then spend hours sitting on the kitchen floor with a large bread knife waiting for my family to come home!!
6- I cry when I watch the Tigger Movie. Which I do a lot lately (It's Teagan's favorite). Something about Pooh saying that they have nothing better to offer than the offer of being Tigger's family really chokes me up. And poor Roo spending all his time trying to help Tigger find his family, when what he really wants is for Tigger to love him, and be his big brother. It's tragic I know!!!

Well I hope you found some of that interesting, there isn't much about me people don't know, I've never been one for secrets!!! I'm going to Tag Jody Martin, and as far I can tell there's a lot of tagging going around, so most everyone has been tagged if not than I tag you who haven't been tagged as well!!!