Tuesday, November 13, 2007

a most unfourtunate event

So since I started working again Adam has been taking Teagan to the babysitters. Which means he is responsible for many things like getting her breakfast, getting her dressed, packing her diaper bag, and combing her hair. He does fairly well, every once in a while he forgets a binki or wipes. And he hated combing her hair. The other day I received a phone call at work from Bree (wonderful Lady, who tends Teagan) In summary she was calling to warn me that Adam had "Trimmed" Teagan's hair. I was shocked!!!! Surely, Adam knew I would kill him. I surprised myself by staying very calm. And Adam did a good job considering that he doesn't cut hair. Now he doesn't have to do pony tails. Oh and he will never go near Teagan with scissors again, not even if I am dead!!!

Happy Halloween

Teagan was a monkey for Halloween. We had so much fun dressing her up and taking her trick or treating. She was so sweet, she would knock on the door and then wait, when they would come she would hold out her pumpkin, then she would try to go inside. We put her in her squeaky shoes so it sounded like a monkey squeaking.
Teagan started talking a little in the last couple days, she can say peeka boo, mama, daddy, tigger, kitty, dog, hi, and byebye. She also signs milk, more, eat, and drink. And she blows kisses!!! I can't believe how fast she is growing, it makes me sad. She goes down the slide at the park by herself, she is so independent she almost doesn't need me at all (except the whole diaper thing)!!