Friday, February 20, 2009

30 weeks pregnant!!

Ok technically not til tomorrow, but we are close enough to say 30 weeks!!! So I guess we better hurry with remodeling the nursery!

Binki Free

Drum roll!!! We finally got rid of Teagan's Binki. We have been thinking about it for a long time but we kept putting it off because of her surgeries, then we put it off because we were moving, and again while we were potty training. So the other day I just decided that it was now or never. Teagan has had to sleep with us because we are remodeling her room, replacing the ceiling, retexturing the walls, and re-flooring. So since she is already sleeping with us I thought it would be easier for her if we "lost" the binki now. She has adjusted very well, I can't believe how grown up she is.
So on Valentine's Day we made cream filled cup cakes. They were soooo good! Teagan helped by licking the beaters, and Adam and Josh taste tested. They turned out very well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Busy day

So yesterday was Adam's day off. So I made a large list of things I wanted to get done and we did them...I think Adam was glad to go back to work today! He actually started to complain about having to work on his day off, and I just asked him when my day off was going to come! Guys are such wimps, when does a stay at home mom ever get a day off??? When do we get to not fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner, clean/pickup a million toys, take care of our kids, plus the dishes, and the other house work??? So we moved all the furniture and vacuumed and mopped everywhere, rearranged the TV/DVD/surround Sound wires. Cleaned the bathroom on our hands and knees, scrubbed the walls, made whole wheat bread, and wheat muffins. Then we took down the suspended ceiling in the nursery. It looks like we might have to remove the wall paper from the nursery walls as well as the ceiling, which will really suck because the wall paper has been painted over. But we have at least 13 weeks to get it done which should be plenty of time. Saturday we are going to take the paper off the ceiling and maybe the walls, I'm very excited! These are just a few pictures of Teagan I thought were cute. The first few are of her Sunday nap, then the rest are her cute hair!